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Ashley & Jake Morris - Buyer/Livermore - seller/Hayward

5 star review rod a.png

Rod has been nothing but amazing to my husband and I on our house buying and selling journey. When we first meet him, we sat down and he explained the selling & buying process making sure we understood everything. When we began our search for our new home, Rod was very helpful with pointing out features and details in the homes we viewed. He also took our concerns and opinions seriously and didn’t lead us astray. Rod was excellent at building a relationship with the selling realtor. We believe his personality and ability to build relationships was instrumental in acquiring our new home.
On the flip side, becoming the selling party with Rod was as easy as before. He was honest with us and helped guide us in what we needed to do to fix our old house before putting it on the market. His background as a contractor allowed him to easily find a team to help renovate our home. Also he went above and beyond and finished little details around the home personally to make it absolutely perfect. We couldn’t have picked a better realtor to go on this journey with. We will recommend him to all our friends, family & everyone in between.

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