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Casey and Heather P - Buyer - Martinez

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Walking into the home buying process for the first time alone can be rather daunting. Even with working in the home building industry I felt lost and had so many questions about buying a home. Thinking my wife and I might not be ready to buy, we reached out to Rod just to help us figure out more about the whole process of buying a home.
Calling Rod for real estate advice was the smartest move I’ve made since I proposed to my wife. He took us in as if we were family almost immediately. He ended up answering all of our questions, connecting us to the right people and helping us realize we can afford to do what we thought impossible. Not only did he make us feel comfortable with the process, he helped us find the perfect home for our family!
Rod guided us through the buying process. He was there for us and always kept us calm and informed. There were many times during the process where I would be overwhelmed with everything and feeling extremely anxious. I’d call Rod and by the end of the conversation he would have me laughing and joking around and my nerves would suddenly vanish.
His overall knowledge of the real estate process is unmatched and if he didn’t have the answer on the spot he would search like a bloodhound until he got us the answer we needed. I could not have asked for a better person to take us through this amazing journey to homeownership, he was simply the best!
Going forward Rod won’t just be my realtor, he will always remain a friend and a brother to me.

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