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Neftali & Johanna Nevarez - Buyer/Concord

5 star review rod a.png

I am a first time homebuyer, and I was lucky enough that Rod agreed to represent us. We had a lot of questions, and Rod always made himself available to answer them without making me feel dumb for asking them. On top of that, he has a great sense of humor and is easy to get along with. From start to finish, he reduced the stress out of what is probably a more anxiety-provoking process for many. We closed quickly thanks to our loan agent, who Rod referred us to. Lucky for us, he used to be a contractor, and that experience he brings helped us when we were making a few decisions about this home. And he surprised us by helping us with a few things AFTER we had already moved in. Seriously, what other agent does that? Awesome guy. I recommend him.

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